Little Ray as Shark Bait
September 2017 by V. R. Duin


Pressed against the hole in the boat,
Little Ray could keep it afloat.
And once the leak began to slow,
The engine could be checked below.
(“Little Ray & Shark Patch Things Up”)

“Little Ray & Shark Patch Things Up” brings a stingray and a shark together for a shark bait adventure with a family of boaters who encounter a shark while they are not shark fishing.

In Hawaii, mainlanders humorously are called “shark bait”, to indicate that pale skin attracts sharks. Yellow, white, silver and highly contrasting colors seem to attract sharks. This also seems true for jewelry or shiny swimming suits that look like fish scales. Seals are a favorite shark food, so it may be wise to avoid black wet suits in areas where these animals live. Sharks migrate North in the summer and South in the winter. If people reverse this pattern, they are less likely to meet up with a shark. “Shark bait” also is an expression that indicates someone who is in a vulnerable position. Certainly, Little Ray and the boating family meet this definition in “Little Ray & Shark Patch Things Up”.

The members of the boating family in this shark bait adventure were not shark fishing when a shark was attracted to their boat. Sharks are attracted to anything that moves through water erratically or with a splashing motion. At the end of the story, Little Ray worried that his leaps and flips and bends might have attracted this shark to his boating family friends. The entertainment certainly took on a different tone after the shark arrived. Since sharks also hang around ledges, holes, sandbars and wrecks, it should come as no surprise that the shark in “Little Ray & Shark Patch Things Up” did not abandon the boat after making a hole in the bottom. Bluefish and mackerel are favored as bait for shark fishing, not stingrays, boats or people. However, anyone or anything can become shark bait. This article was written in the hope everyone avoids becoming shark bait. Who is ready to leave a beach chair and step into the water?

  • Myths and Truths about Sharks

    • shark bait admin says:

      Shark repellent sprays and electrical, magnetic or acoustic devices claim to have the opposite effect of shark bait.

    • boating family admin says:

      Dorsal is a free app, through iTunes, with real-time shark reports and alerts, so a boating family can visit or stay away.

      • Shark Fishingadmin says:

        If you go shark fishing, Little Ray asks you to release your catches.