The Amazing Flight of Little Ray
November 2017 by V. R. Duin


Little Ray was tired of lazing in pools,
Watching fellow fish in herd-like schools.
The blue sky looked so clear and bright.
Little Ray wanted to join the birds in flight.
(“The Amazing Flight of Little Ray”)

This adventurous and inspirational book for children links pancake sharks to their fearsome shark family relatives.

Pancake Shark or Flat Shark are good names for stingrays, because they make the species sound more exciting to people. The name links stingrays to the shark family to which they belong. As you can see in the illustration from “The Amazing Flight of Little Ray”, a stingray is flat, like a pancake. When viewed from the underside, Little Ray's illustrations correctly show a pancake shark wears a “smile”, which should have people smiling, too. “The Amazing Flight of Little Ray” is not only an inspirational book for children. It also is factually sound. We hope everyone will dive into this adventurous, factual and inspirational book for children. To swim with Mama Ray as she watches Little Ray prepare to take flight provides a fun escape from land to water!

Pancake Sharks are docile enough that people can interact with them and feed them in water park settings located throughout the world. Close to the United States, the Caribbean has some popular locations. When it reopens after the devastation from Hurricane Irma, people should be able to swim with stingrays at Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters, where the barbs have been humanely removed from all rays. A friendly pancake shark will brush against visitors to its environment, exploring those who are watching it. Because stingrays at tourist locations receive regular feedings, they behave more like animals in captivity than those in the wild. Perhaps, this makes stingrays seem boring when compared to their more aggressive shark cousins. This is not say that pancake sharks cannot be aggressive or provoked to react in self-defense with their painful and possibly deadly stinging.

Readers of Little Ray's inspirational books for children will not question why a group of stingrays is called a fever. They'll know these fish are “hot, hot, hot!”Rather than scuffle with an angry or frightened stingray, visitors to their world definitely should learn how to do the stingray shuffle featured in Little Ray's Stingray Shuffle video. This shuffling movement will scare away stingrays that are half-buried in the sand. They will flee rather than get stepped upon, which could result in an unfriendly encounter. After joining Little Ray and friends in the dance of the Stingray Shuffle, be sure to read the other fun facts about pancake sharks and other members of the shark family in articles throughout this website.

  • Are Stingrays Related to Sharks?

    • Shark Family admin says:

      The pancake shark and other members of the shark family have an advocate in Shark Advocates International, which is dedicated to preserving these vulnerable fishes.

    • pancake shark admin says:

      According to, some species of flat or pancake shark, are so endangered, it is hard to find pictures of them.

      • inspirational book for childrenadmin says:

        Little Ray's inspirational book for children will have kids reading about his shark family, over and over.