The Amazing Flight of Little Ray
June 2017 by V. R. Duin


Little Ray thought his world quite bland,
The same old water, the same old sand.
He watched birds take off and fly
And thought to himself, why can't I?
(“The Amazing Flight of Little Ray”)

There will be no fishing, due to water pollution and plastic pollutants that do not dissolve in water, unless the Clean Water Act is enforced and spread throughout the world.

Mama Ray and Little Ray are resting, but their minds are distracted by the water pollution that is threatening their lives and the waters around them. This pollution also means there should be no fishing. If you catch them on your hook, please release them. They are family members. If you eat them, the pollution within them may end up inside you.

As toxins move up the food chain, they concentrate. The highest levels of contamination rise to the top. For this reason, there should be no fishing. People are not immune from the side effects of contaminated food drawn from toxic water. Enforcement of the Clean Water Act could improve water pollution levels and save lives.

Mama Ray and Little Ray want everyone for generations to enjoy the beauty, the health, the diversity and the fun of ocean life. No fishing will bring end to a popular form of recreation, sport and survival. Every marine animal is affected by water pollution. Fish breathe oxygen, which is made less available to them when the water is filthy. They cannot thrive in water of this condition.

The biggest place on earth is contaminated to such an extent that the entire ecosystem is threatened. Hope for reversal of these threatening water pollution conditions resides in enforcement and expansion of the Clean Water Act. Otherwise, the earth may end up with no fish and no fishing.

Water pollution that degrades and dissolves does not totally disappear. The remnants of these contaminants are creating huge dead zones in our oceans and along our shorelines. Ocean life without plants or animals is not possible in such a toxic environment. Moreover, where there are no fish, there can be no fishing.

Man-made chemicals do not have to be ugly to be deadly. Radioactive waste may have a lovely glow, but it is not good for the ocean or for ocean life. Like any other water pollutant, radioactive waste travels along water currents, gets deposited on the ocean floor and climbs up the food chain. Fish that are rendered toxic by water pollution results in no fishing.

Toxic waste and sewage are dumped into the ocean from vessels, oil rigs and offshore construction sites. These deliberate sources of water pollution combine with chemical runoff from agriculture, industry, home septic tanks, lawns and storm drains to destroy the biochemistry, growth, behavior and survival of marine life.

The future of the ocean remains endangered, due to water pollution. Unless the Clean Water Act is enforced and spread throughout the world, all the fish may die off. Then, there will be no fishing without Environmental Protection.

No Fishing Comments

  • Stingrays in Water admin says:

    Water pollution has many forms, including liquid, solid, gas, noise and radiation, but plastic pollutants are the worst.

  • World of Water admin says:

    Let's enforce the Clean Water Act of the United States and spread the campaign throughout the world.

    • No Fishingadmin says:

      No fishing due to pollution will put a whole industry out of work, resulting in more jobs lost.