October 2017 by V. R. Duin


This ray hunts at night
And spends days with friends.
It works out all right
That fish never sleep.

Fish never sleep, but they can help us Catch ZZZs to escape stress.

Fish never sleep in the same manner as land mammals. Sharks are the only fish that can close their eyes, but they do not use this ability for sleeping. All other fish rest with their eyes wide open, because they do not have eyelids. While fish are resting, they retain awareness of their surroundings. Although sleep and rest are not the same, they both serve as restorative functions. Stingrays, like Little Ray, are fish that never sleep. However, all fish enter into a bubble-like state that insulates them from active swimming and hunting activities. This restfulness enables Little Ray to help people daydream, rest, catch ZZZs and escape the stress arising from business and life challenges. In the following 20-second video with white noise, Little Ray gives sleep deprived friends a restful sleep technique to try.

Entrepreneurs, like Little Ray, tend to lose a lot of sleep and fail to get sufficient rest while trying a lot of different things to develop, build, promote and sell startups. What seems to help some individuals with their business and life balance may need adjustment to work for others. At the very least, this video will offer a brief rest break from activity. To escape stress, follow Little Ray in this new way to catch ZZZs. Fish never sleep, but they can help people improve productivity, memory and health through rest. Those who cannot relax with sound can turn down the volume on Little Ray's videos, featuring stingrays, sharks and armadillos for kids. However, we hope you will listen to the sound at least once. We replaced each of the original Little Ray videos to add sound, losing all views and comments in the process. The words in this video present one of the many ways that fun and educational stingrays for children can be of interest and assistance to adults: “We will not count sheep. They might fall to sleep. We will count stingrays. They're up nights and days.” (21 seconds).

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    • Escape Stress admin says:

      After we catch ZZZs, we are better prepared to escape stress and perform our work faster and more productively than when acting under sleep deprivation.

    • Catch ZZZs admin says:

      Catch ZZZs, then watch the other animations about Little Ray and his friends on this website and his links to the rest of his world.

      • fish never sleepadmin says:

        Although fish never sleep, Little Ray tries to help entrepreneurs who are in need of catching ZZZs.