Accelerated Reader Questions

Children like problem solving, so V.R. Duin writes content with meaning in animal stories about stingrays, sharks and armadillos that get children reading passages and using accelerated reader questions as fun reading comprehension exercises. Develop reading and comprehension skills for the children in your life with these brief comprehension tests that seem more like reading games.

Little Ray & Shark Patch Things Up

”Little Ray & Shark Patch Things Up“ begins with a little stingray playing in the water as his boating friends delight in watching from their boat. When a menacing bull shark mistakes the commotion for a yummy lunch, it sets off a chain of events that results in the unlikeliest friendship on the seven seas. The book and these Accelerated Reader Questions are full of important lessons on courage and camaraderie that your children will want to learn over and over again.

1. Shark arrived:

After a hole was made in the boat.
After Little Ray became a patch.
Before a hole was made in the boat.
After the boat was towed to shore.
After the boat engine was fixed.

2. Shark and Little Ray helped:

Fix the hole in the boat.
Find the hole in the boat.
Start the boat engine.
Bail water from the boat.
Get the boat to shore.

3. Little Ray worried that:

He caused the shark attack.
His mother would be mad.
The boaters were dangerous.
People on shore would get in the way.
People would not get out of the water.

4. When the people at the beach saw the boat:

They rushed into the water to help.
They raced away from the shark.
They looked for Little Ray.
They climbed onto a raft.
They did nothing.

5. Little Ray and Shark prove that:

Looks are important.
It is not good to have fun.
It is important to be fast.
Guesses are always right.
Teamwork is important.

6. Little Ray taught us that sharks are attracted by:

Things that move.
Things that are still.
Boat bottoms.
Roaring boat engines.
People laughing.

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