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Test Reading Comprehension
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The “Little Ray & and Shark Patch Things Up” book and corresponding Stingray and Shark Accelerated Reader Questions make early reading interesting for children. The questions provide a fun way for educators and parents to test reading comprehension. Children like problem solving, so V. R. Duin pairs the adventurous content with meaning in her exciting animal stories with fun reading comprehension exercises that seem like reading games. Developing literacy, numeracy and a global consciousness are important to success in today's interconnected world. The concentration required for print reading and the immediacy of interactive test results work together to prepare children for traditional and modern tasks at school, at home and in the community.

Children enjoy reading passages from Little Ray and Shark's seafaring adventure book. The Stingray and Shark Accelerated Reader Questions for children are fun reading comprehension exercises that children are proud to perform. The fun passages in the “Little Ray & and Shark Patch Things Up” book make early reading effortless. Children want to help Little Ray and a boating family work things out with a menacing shark. The questions enable adults to test reading comprehension, while rewarding the reading practice of the children in their lives with game-like fun. Children who refuse to read have limited intellectual bounds. Fun books change this dynamic. Children with learning disabilities often are drawn into the rhythm of V. R. Duin's stories. Everyone should agree, fun books and interactive comprehension testing are a winning combination for most early readers.

Little Ray & Shark Patch Things Up

Make early reading easy with the exciting boating adventure in ”Little Ray & Shark Patch Things Up“. The story begins with a little stingray playing in the water as his boating friends delight in watching from their boat. When a menacing bull shark mistakes the commotion for a yummy lunch, it sets off a chain of events that results in the most unlikely of friendships on the seven seas. The Stingray and Shark Accelerated Reader Questions do not merely test reading comprehension. They are sure to generate a lot of discussion about stingrays, sharks and anti-bullying. Nobody should be offended when conflict is presented and resolved between the two natural marine enemies in this adventure. As a reward for successful reading and comprehension performance, children should be allowed to choose their next V. R. Duin reading challenge.

The “Little Ray & and Shark Patch Things Up” book presents important examples of courage and camaraderie that your children will want to experience over and over again. When used with the book, the fun reading comprehension exercises in these Stingray and Shark Accelerated Reader Questions for children provide an interesting and fun way to test reading comprehension, reward reading practice and help children develop reading, comprehension and general learning skills. Focus and digital skills are brought into play with these fun learning materials. All children find good example in the strong will and singular focus of Little Ray. The involvement of older siblings and adult family members in the learning process should help tighten interpersonal bonds. What's not to love?

1. Shark arrived:

After a hole was made in the boat.
After Little Ray became a patch.
Before a hole was made in the boat.
After the boat was towed to shore.
After the boat engine was fixed.

2. Shark and Little Ray helped:

Fix the hole in the boat.
Find the hole in the boat.
Start the boat engine.
Bail water from the boat.
Get the boat to shore.

3. Little Ray worried that:

He caused the shark attack.
His mother would be mad.
The boaters were dangerous.
People on shore would get in the way.
People would not get out of the water.

4. When the people at the beach saw the boat:

They rushed into the water to help.
They raced away from the shark.
They looked for Little Ray.
They climbed onto a raft.
They did nothing.

5. Little Ray and Shark prove that:

Looks are important.
It is not good to have fun.
It is important to be fast.
Guesses are always right.
Teamwork is important.

6. Little Ray taught us that sharks are attracted by:

Things that move.
Things that are still.
Boat bottoms.
Roaring boat engines.
People laughing.

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