Stingray Flight Accelerated Reader Questions

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Compare and Contrast? Six questions offer a precise measure of reading comprehension. Improved results with each session boost morale. Positivity encourages perseverance against challenges. Success becomes self-driving reward.

Silver Lining? The book theme champions goal setting and practice to reach targets. Sharing in flight endeavors is positive, entertaining, memorable, informative, captivating and stimulating for kids in home and school settings.

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Dreamscapes? Correct answers about stingrays, sharks and armadillos drive facts home. Inspired learners enjoy actively thinking. Escaping the box of age-based books brings language development and comprehension improvement.

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Open Plan? Answer keys and percentages of scoring present critical feedback. Factual content guides quests for expertise. Practice brings success with reading, doing and discussing details. Let stingray flight begin!

Take Amazing Flight

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The Amazing Flight of Little Ray: A young stingray has a huge plan to fly the big blue skies. Difficulties returning to the sea from the ride of a lifetime draw readers into mission completion.

1. Little Ray wanted to:

Race with his mother.
Swim with other stingrays.
Sit in shallow water.
Fly like a bird.
Watch people on the beach.

2. Mama Ray was worried that:

Little Ray was not brave.
Little Ray would not be safe.
Other stingrays would be jealous.
Little Ray would scare the birds.
People on the beach would see Little Ray.

3. Little Ray got into trouble, because:

He caught a bird.
A bird caught him.
His mother caught him.
The people on the beach caught him.
Other stingrays caught him.

4. Little Ray got out of trouble, because:

His mother told him how to do it.
He thought and worked hard.
He liked being high and dry.
He didn't want to land on the beach.
He was out of the water.

5. Little Ray proves that:

It is better to never try anything new.
It is better to fail than to succeed.
It is better to stay out of the water.
Nobody ever is watching.
We can learn by trying.

6. Little Ray teaches us that stingrays:

Cannot jump out of the water.
Can fly like birds.
Have the same tails as birds.
Eat some of the same things as birds.
Have no means of protection.

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