Armadillo Accelerated Reader Questions

Wait and See? Children read the story, then test school and real-life skills. Parents can award winning readers by letting them pick the next Little Ray title. Stimulating experiences advance beginning and struggling learners with their education.

Net Worth? Knowledge acquisition is a personal journey. Enlightening books unhinge inquiry from prescribed grade levels. Pleasurable reads guide and excite. Relevant, contemporary information spurs introspection and ongoing research.

Improve Reading Progress

Forward Thinking? Children learn best when playing, questioning and doing game-like things. Six brief questions measure proficiency without becoming boring study drills. Digital technologies come into play for the entire Little Ray series.

Dream Team? Disciplined reading times and habits accelerate education. Early intervention supports and improves reading progress. Youngsters proudly tell the world about these unusual animals with which few people are familiar.

Early Reading Help

Wild Country? This adventure expands awareness about rapidly-disappearing wildlife and farm living. Corresponding multiple-choice questions bring computer exercises and smart books about armadillos, foxes, farms to urban communities.

Making an Entrance? Answer choices open doors to learning, thinking and developing real-world interests by experience. “Get Score” delivers scoring percentages and correct answers. “Reset Quiz” allows retest to perfection.

The Foxy Armadillos

Seeing Double? In The Foxy Armadillos, these newcomers settle into an abandoned fox's den, upsetting farmers with their digging. The fox returns to reclaim his home, uniting readers, farmers and armadillos in the victorious outcome.

Takeaway? For insights about agriculture and food-production issues, it is not necessary to live on farms. People can step outside the box and work together to grow healthy crops, build an Eco-friendly world and create high-quality futures.

1. When the farmers saw the holes:

They were happy.
They were not happy.
They helped to dig more holes.
They knew rabbits or mules had made them.
They chased the fox.

2. The armadillos felt safe, because:

The fox was still around.
The farmers liked foxes and armadillos.
The farmers worked at night.
Their armor protected them.
They only eat bugs.

3. The armadillo children turned fun into good work:

To scare bugs away.
To help the fox.
To make the farmers happy.
To knock down plants.
Thanks to Pa's idea.

4. When the fox came back:

The armadillos bowled him away.
The armadillos were happy.
The armadillos ran away.
The farmers sent him away.
The farmers were happy.

5. The armadillos prove that:

Play never leads to anything good.
It is not good to have fun.
Play can help solve problems.
Work can never be fun.
Fun can never be work.

6. The foxy armadillos taught us that armadillos:

Appear during the day.
Are like foxes.
Appear at night.
Eat plants.
Have no protection.

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